School/Volunteer Application

School or Organization Application

With this application, you can register your school or organization to participate in JUST RUN. You will enter School information, then your information as School Coordinator, then information for other teachers and classes/teams you wish us to set up. You can request more teachers and classes by email later, but it's most easily accomplished using this application.

Please enter personal email addresses if you can, because school email servers tend to block incoming emails from outside organizations.

Before submitting the application, the School Coordinator must click "I agree" to indicate acceptance of the Liability Release Form TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Tell us about your School or Organization

This password will be used for all leaders at this site.

Tell us about the Coordinator who will manage the JUSTRUN program at your School or Organization

In this section, enter the coordinator's direct contact info. The School/Organization Coordinator is the signatory and liaison for the school's JUST RUN program. Coordinators have the support of JUST RUN Administrator Susan Love and/or a Chapter Leader to help build a strong program for the school.

Add all other Teachers who want to participate

In this section, you can create a list of teachers who will participate in JUSTRUN. Enter the information for a teacher and click "Add Teacher" to store the record. Add as many teachers as you wish, but don't add yourself - you are automatically included.

Add all of the participating Classes or Groups

In this section, add at least one class or group for yourself and one for each teacher added above. Enter the class or group name, select teacher name (or chose School or Organization Coordinator), and then click "Add Class" to store the record. You can create as many classes or groups as you wish - each one represents a team of runners. We suggest group names that are unique and descriptive, like "3rd Grade - Ms. Green" or "Lincoln After School Club Tigers". If you are all participating as one group, you still need to add a group here, like "Lincoln Afterschool Club" or "JUST RUN Lincoln."
example: "3rd Grade Tigers - Ms. Jones"

Have the School Leader Read the Liability Release and Check 'I Agree' to E-Sign the Form

I have read the LIABILITY RELEASE FORM and agree to its "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" and agree to be bound by its provisions. I verify that the school or other entity under whose auspices the JUST RUN Program is being organized has both general liability and comprehensive insurance covering all participating children and aspects of the Program. Click here to read the Liability Release Form.