Miles run for Aviano Elementary School, Bouchard

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Map of progress

Locations visited:
Miles Location
0 State of California    MORE
0 Pass turnoff for the Carmel Mission - Carmel, CA (approx. 5 mi. S)   
0 Monterey, California   
0 Pass turnoff for the Carmel Mission - Carmel, CA (approx. 5 mi. S)   
20 Castroville, California    MORE
20 World's Largest Artichoke   
20 Artichoke Capital of the World    MORE
20 Pass turnoff for Strawberry Capital of the World - Watsonville, CA (approx. 10 mi. N)    MORE
40 Gilroy, California    MORE
40 Garlic Capital of the World    MORE
60 Coyote, California   
80 San Jose, California    MORE
80 Mission San Jose    MORE
80 Pass turnoff for the Home of Apple Computer - Los Altos, CA   
100 Sunol, California   
120 San Ramon, California    MORE
130 Home of Eugene O'Neill - Danville, CA   
140 Walnut Creek, California    MORE
160 Suisun Bay, California   
162 Dixie the Dinosaur - Benicia, CA   
180 Fairfield, California    MORE
180 Jelly Belly Factory and Tour   
180 Pass furnoff for Asparagus Capital of the World - Isleton, CA (approx. 30 mi. SE)    MORE
200 Davis, California    MORE
220 Sacramento, California    MORE
220 Almond Capital of the World    MORE
220 Pass turnoff for Grape Capital of the World - Lodi, CA (approx. 40 mi. S)    MORE
220 Pass turnoff to the Kiwi Fruit Capital of the USA - Gridley, CA (approx. 50 mi. N)    MORE
240 Roseville, California    MORE
250 Giant Statues of Auburn - Auburn, CA   
257 Pass turnoff for Sutter's Mill - Coloma, CA (approx. 10 mi. S)   
260 Meadow Vista, California   
280 Colfax, California    MORE
285 Empire Mine State Historic Park - Grass Valley, CA   
300 Emigrant Gap, California   
320 Donner Summit, California   
330 Donner Memorial State Park and Emigrant Museum - Truckee, CA    MORE
339 Cross State Line into Nevada    MORE
340 Verdi, Nevada   
360 Reno, Nevada    MORE
360 Former Divorce Capital of the World and the Bridge of Sighs    MORE
360 Fleischmann Atmospherium and Planetarium   
360 Pass turnoff for the US Mint (no longer in service, now historical site) - Carson City, NV (approx. 30 mi. S)    MORE
360 Pass turnoff for VW Bug Spider sculpture - Carson City, NV (approx. 30 mi. S)   
380 Wadsworth, Nevada   
400 Near Wadsworth Peak Mountains   
420 Near Humboldt Sink, Nevada    MORE
440 Oreana, Nevada   
460 Humboldt, Nevada   
460 Applegate-Lassen Emigrant Trail Cutoff   
460 Humboldt House   
470 Thunder Mountain Park - Imlay, NV   
480 Near Humboldt River, Nevada   
500 Winnemucca, Nevada   
520 Golconda, Nevada    MORE
540 Valmy, Nevada    MORE
560 Battle Mountain, Nevada   
580 Dunphy, Nevada   
600 Emigrant Pass, Nevada   
620 Near Dixie Creek, Nevada   
640 Te-Moak Indian Reservation, Nevada   
660 Deeth, Nevada   
680 Wells, Nevada    MORE
700 Oasis, Nevada   
720 Silver Zone Pass, Nevada   
739 cross time zone from Pacific to Mountain   
739 Cross State Line into Utah    MORE
740 Wendover, Utah   
740 Metaphor: The Tree of Utah - random tree sculpture in the middle of nowhere   
760 Bonneville Salt Flats Park, Utah   
780 Salt Lake Desert, Utah   
800 Knolls, Utah   
820 Skull Valley, Utah   
840 Delle, Utah   
860 Burmester, Utah   
860 Pass turnoff for Donner-Reed Museum - Grantsville, UT (approx. 15 mi. S)   
880 Great Salt Lake, Utah    MORE
900 Salt Lake City, Utah   
900 Historic Temple Square   
900 Gravity Hill   
900 Pass turnoff for Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine - Largest Manmade Excavation on Earth (approx. 25 mi. S)   
920 East Canyon State Park, Utah   
920 Pass turnoff for Utah Olympic Park - Park City/Heber City, UT (approx. 10 mi. S)   
935 Pass turnoff for Golden Spike National Historical Site - Promontory Point (approx. 80 Mi. NW)   
940 Monte Cristo Mountains, Utah   
955 Cross State Line into Wyoming    MORE
960 Evanston, Wyoming   
980 Fort Bridger, Wyoming    MORE
1000 Lyman, Wyoming   
1020 Near Badlands Hills, Wyoming   
1040 Little America, Wyoming (World's Largest Gas Station)   
1060 Near the Green River, Wyoming   
1080 Rock Springs, Wyoming   
1100 Point of Rocks, Wyoming   
1120 Table Rock, Wyoming   
1120 Cross the Continental Divide   
1140 Wamsutter, Wyoming   
1160 Near the Red Desert, Wyoming   
1180 Rawlins, Wyoming   
1180 Shoes Made From the Skin of an Executed Killer - Carbon County Museum   
1180 Wyoming Frontier Prison   
1200 Fort Fred Steele, Wyoming   
1205 Pass turnoff for Dinosaur Fossil Cabin Museum - Medicine Bow, WY (approx. 10 mi. N)   
1220 Near Elk Mountain, Wyoming   
1240 Arlington, Wyoming   
1260 Near James Lake, Wyoming   
1280 Laramie, Wyoming    MORE
1280 The Ames Monument   
1290 Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument   
1300 Buford, Wyoming   
1318 ICBM Peacekeeper Missile Display - F.E. Warren AFB   
1320 Cheyenne, Wyoming    MORE
1340 Burns, Wyoming   
1360 Pine Bluffs, Wyoming   
1365 Cross State Line into Nebraska    MORE
1380 Kimball, Nebraska   
1400 Potter, Nebraska   
1420 Sidney, Nebraska   
1440 Chappell, Nebraska   
1460 Brule, Nebraska   
1480 Paxton, Nebraska   
1480 Ole's Big Game Lounge   
1487 cross time zone from Mountain to Central   
1500 North Platte, Nebraska   
1500 Fort Cody/Buffalo Bill State Historical Park    MORE
1520 Gothenburg, Nebraska   
1540 Lexington, Nebraska   
1560 Kearney, Nebraska   
1560 Great Platte River Road Archway Monument   
1565 Pass turnoff for Harold Warp's Pioneer Village - Minden, NE (approx. 10 mi. S)   
1580 Wood River, Nebraska   
1590 Stuhr Museum of the Prarie Pioneer - Grand Island, NE   
1600 Aurora, Nebraska   
1600 Pass turnoff for U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, NE (approx. 20 mi. S)e   
1620 York, Nebraska   
1640 Goehner, Nebraska   
1660 Lincoln, Nebraska    MORE
1660 Pass turnoff for John Brown's Cave - Nebraska City, NE (approx. 40 mi. E)   
1670 Pass turnoff for The Little Church (combined Protestant/Catholic Church) in Keystone, NE (approx. 10 mi. N)   
1670 Strategic Air and Space Museum, Ashland, NE   
1680 Gretna, Nebraska   
1690 Home of Boys and Girls Town   
1700 Omaha, Nebraska    MORE
1700 Birth site of Malcolm X    MORE
1702 Cross State Line into Iowa    MORE
1702 Nation's Largest Grower of Corn    MORE
1702 Nation's Largest Producer of Hogs & Pigs    MORE
1705 Western Historic Trails Center - Council Bluffs, IA   
1705 Squirrel Cage Jail - Council Bluffs, IA   
1705 Golden Spike Monument and Union Pacific Railroad Museum - Council Bluffs, IA    MORE
1720 Neola, Iowa   
1740 Avoca, Iowa   
1745 Pass turnoff for Danish Windmill - Elk Horn, IA (approx. 10 mi. N)   
1760 Brayton, Iowa   
1760 Pass turnoff for Albert the Bull - Audubon, IA   
1772 Smiley Face Water Tower - Adair, IA   
1780 Casey, Iowa   
1800 Dexter, Iowa   
1820 Van Meter, Iowa   
1840 Des Moines, Iowa   
1860 Colfax, Iowa   
1880 Oakland Acres, Iowa   
1900 Brooklyn, Iowa   
1920 Ladora, Iowa   
1940 Oxford, Iowa   
1950 Pass turnoff for Amana Colonies: Historic Utopian Communal Society and Home of Amana Refrigerators (approx. 5 mi. N)   
1960 Iowa City, Iowa   
1960 Pass turnoff for the Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk - Riverside, IA (approx. 15 mi. S)   
1970 Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum - West Branch, IA   
1980 Springdale, Iowa   
2000 Sunbury, Iowa   
2020 Davenport, Iowa    MORE
2022 Cross Mississippi River   
2025 Cross State Line into Illinois    MORE
2025 Nation's Largest Grower of Soybeans    MORE
2040 Warner, Illinois   
2060 Atkinson, Illinois   
2080 Wyanet, Illinois   
2100 Dalzell, Illinois   
2100 Pass turnoff for Location of Cherry Coal Mine Disaster - Cherry, IL (approx. 5 mi. N)   
2120 Ottawa, Illinois   
2140 Morris, Illinois   
2160 Rockdale, Illinois   
2180 Mokena, Illinois   
2190 Pass turnoff for First McDonald's franchise - Des Plains, IL (approx. 40 mi. N)   
2195 Pass turnoff for site of First Controlled Atomic Reaction - Chicago, IL (approx. 20 mi. N)   
2195 Pass turnoff for site of Montgomery Ward, First Mail-Order House - Chicago, IL (approx. 20 Mi. N)    MORE
2195 Pass turnoff for the Tallest Building in the United States - Sears Tower, Chicago, IL (approx. 20 mi. N)   
2195 Pass turnoff for Jane Addams' Hull House - Chicago, IL (approx. 20 mi. N)    MORE
2195 Pass turnoff for The Field Museum (Home to Sue, the T-Rex) - Chicago, IL (approx. 20 mi. N)   
2195 Pass turnoff for Harpo Productions, Inc., Oprah Winfrey's Production Company - Chicago, IL (approx. 20 mi. N)   
2198 Cross State Line into Indiana    MORE
2200 East Chicago, Indiana